Superb advice that is at once inspiring and practical.

Coach Frank Lenti, Head Football Coach
Mount Carmel High School

Even though Chris snubbed my alma mater (Northwestern) for Vanderbilt, this book proves that his mind is sharp and full of insight. My daughter is less than 1 year old, and yet I’m already eager to examine every chapter with a highlighter in hand. There’s a wealth of terrific information and anecdotes that help make this “the bible” for parents who want to give their kids every chance to earn a free ride in college.

Teddy Greenstein, sportswriter
Chicago Tribune

Chris Krause just gets it.  When it comes to the recruiting process no one does a better job of breaking it down for parents and student-athletes.  As a parent we have no greater treasure than our children and no greater responsibility than making sure our children have every opportunity available.  When our children are involved in sports and have the potential to perform in college we need to get familiar with Chris Krause and Athletes Wanted.  Chris has lived this process and now has the dedication and expertise to help others avoid some of the pitfalls and truly take advantage of the myriad opportunities that are out there in college athletics.

Tom Donahoe
Former NFL Executive

As a current United States Adult Soccer Association Men’s National Team Coach and someone who is involved with primarily college-bound athletes, Athletes Wanted is a tremendous resource for parents and student athletes. Chris Krause passionately illustrates the guidance and honest opportunities that are available for student athletes. For many students choosing a college or university is one of the most dramatic and difficult decisions a young person will have to make in his or her life. Athletes Wanted takes away a large part of the stress in this decision and provides the guidance and stability in making the right choice. Athletes Wanted is a must read for everyone.

Aleks Mihailovic, President
Soccer Made in America

Athletes Wanted is an ultimate resource and starting point to help parents and student athletes better understand the tangibles and intangibles associated with college recruiting. College Recruiting is not just about X’s and O’s and Chris does an excellent job in getting that point across. As a former NFL pro who didn’t receive a penny as a freshman in college, I had to use my signing bonus to pay off student loans. Whether you are a blue-chipper or a sleeper this book is a must read. Knowledge is Power! Educate yourself on the Golden Opportunity of becoming a collegiate stedent athlete.

Izell Reese
Former NFL Player

As a Division 1 college coach, earning an athletic scholarship becomes the mainstay and hope of the many American family’s I connect with. Chris Krause uses life examples to open eyes and promote understanding of some of the underlying principles that sports serve in youth development and how they relate to college recruiting, particularly taking responsibility for and ownership of their life’s direction. Through sport, children can learn that “participation to be a winner is not just showing up, but actually playing the game hard.” I applaude Krause using these analogies to say that opportunities do exist if we learn to play the game earlier and accept the work that paves the road ahead.

Sonja Porter, College Coach
University of Alabama

As someone who has coached at the scholarship and non-scholarship level, I can appreciate the journey that over 1.5 million students begin as they try to become college athletes. Chris Krause has assisted students from every walk of life as they try to realize their goals and dreams. Chris takes a risk with his honesty and realistic approach, realizing that what’s good for business is not always good for the individual. He places his focuss with the individual’s end result at the forefront of ever decision. Chris takes this direction to a new level as he offers a “how to” guide that illustrates all of the different paths available to student-athletes as they try to play at the “next level.”

Jim Catanzaro, College Coach
Lake Forest College

Athletes Wanted is a must read book by all parents and student athletes who aspire to play a sport in college. I coached for 40 years and have sent over 200 players to college and 40 players to professional baseball, and I wish that this resource would have been available to my parents and athletes. This book is the most comprehensive but easy to understand process to obtaining an opportunity on a college athletic team.

Rich Hofman
High School Coach

As a recruiting education author and speaker myself, I’m very impressed with Chris’ book. The precision with which he explains why athletes are wanted, not only by college coaches but by business people and others that can offer career opportunities beyond college is frankly, stunning. His firm grasp of the secrets of the intellectual, values and character development of youngsters that chose to be athletes is remarkable, as well. The section of the book that deals with these topics stands boldly on its own and is by itself worth owning. If one wants to learn and understand the colossal value and payoff of success and fulfillment for being an athlete, this book should be read and regularly referenced by every aspiring athlete and his parents.

Dion Wheeler
Recruiting Education Author & Speaker

I covered high school and college sports for 23 years as a Sports Anchor at TV stations across America. Sadly, I saw hundreds of recruitable high school athletes miss out on the college sports experience because the athletes and their families simply didn’t understand the recruiting process. This book will play a major part in making sure young people and their families know how to navigate the recruiting trail. It is filled with tools and the motivation to take action. Chris Krause has the ability to inform and inspire. That is a powerful combination. It is also obvious that he truly cares for young people and is passionate about how beneficial the collegiate athletics experience can be in life! As the father of six children who are potential college athletes in everything from basketball to swimming to cross country, this book will play a major part in adding to my knowledge to help my children compete at the college level, if that is their passion.

Charlie Adams
TV Sports Anchor & Educational Speaker

As a former high school coach in football, baseball, baketball, and track there is such an unawareness regarding the recruiting process on behalf of families of athletes around the country who would like for their sons or daughters to have these opportunities but do not know what to do, how to help their child, and when to do what they need to do to be successful. They lack the education , direction, and guidance necessary.Atheles Wanted provides a road map for all families to follow so they never have any regrets in this once in a lifetime recruiting experience of their child.

George Bauer
Former High School Coach

This is a great book and a great topic. As a high school football coach I have 3 goals for the players involved in my program: for them to be a better person, a better student and finally a better athlete. I believe that the high school maturation process is enhanced by commitment to athletics and that the life lessons learned through sport can and do help people succeed in their adult lives.

Kevin Downey
High School Coach

As a former collegiate player, collegiate coach, and high school coach, I have had several experiences in recruiting.  During the past 14 years, I have been surprised to learn how much parents and student-athletes actually DO NOT know about the recruiting process.  It can be an intimidating thing to do on your own.  This book will help you with each step of the process.  I can promise you that it will be extremely helpful to have all this information in your hands.  Playing softball in college was four of the best years of my life.  I wish that when I was looking at different schools that I had the insight that this book offers.

Tiffany Campbell
High School Coach

Athletes Wanted is a tremendous resource for student-athletes and parents who are venturing into college athletics.  As a former college recruit, and recruiter, I know the complexity of collegiate sports and the problems that can arise when you just don’t know or understand the process.  Chris Krause has taken years of personal experience and knowledge and created a perfect “how-to” manual that is both educational and entertaining.  It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to grasp the bigger picture and value of playing, or having your child play, a college sport.

Nancy Campbell
College Coach

Athletes Wanted is an invaluable tool for student-athletes and parents of college bound athletes. The recruiting process, when not managed properly, can be overwhelming and intimidating. In his book Chris breaks recruiting down into a few simple steps so families can strategically plan their attack. As a former collegiate athlete, I wish I had this education. As a travel hockey coach, I wish all my players and their parents would read Athletes Wanted to understand what it really takes to get to the next level.

Lisa Meyers Strasman
High School Coach

An excellent resource for the aspiring college athlete, Athletes Wanted is a comprehensive guide to navigating the complex recruiting process. As a high school coach, I consistently see athletes struggling with the correct way to approach a course of action and all too often the results are disappointing.  Finally there is a guidebook that spells out the necessary steps to achieve success and avoid the daunting mistakes to which these young athletes are particularly vulnerable.  I recommend this book to all of my athletes (and especially their families) to educate them about their various options and the appropriate way to approach them.  Athletes Wanted is the book that I wish I had as a high school athlete who was struggling through the recruiting process.

Michelle Bromberg

As a college athlete, high school soccer coach, and supervisor of Engineers, I believe that Chris does an outstanding job in his book, Athletes Wanted, in tying together what is valued.  Sports do provide the environment for individuals to acquire the necessary skills and attributes such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, goal setting, etc. to become successful in any area of interest.  The book is a great resource to help the student athlete and parents in taking action to match the right college institution with the student athlete.

Alberto Verteramo
High School Coach

My name is John Pointer.  Just as Chris Karuse, the CEO of National College Scouting Association (NCSA) and author of this outstanding book, Athletes Wanted, I am a former Vanderbilt University graduate and linebacker. I was fortunate to play six (6) years in the Canadian Football League. I am currently the Assistant Director of Middle Tennessee State University’s Blue Raider Athletic Association, the funding division for athletics. Like many parents, my wife and I have supported our childern throughout their athletic endeavors. And as many wonderful contacts that I have been blessed to have in the world of college coaching and administration, I did not have the time nor proper dedication to seek an opportunity for our daughter, Danielle in basketball. Chris and I instantly made a connection through our association of being from Vandy and the rest is history! His satff at NCSA did a tremendous job of researching the colleges. They know college coaches’ habits and their interests and they keep up with the latest NCAA compliance dates for recruitment, which are critial periods throughout the year. This Fall (2008), Danielle is a Freshman basketball player for Tennessee Tech University thanks to NCSA! I encourage parents to let go and let professionals do the work of reaching the colleges on behalf of your child.

John Pointer
Former Professional Athlete

As a parent and a business owner I know the stresses of trying to manage the financial aspects of your children’s education.  Athletes Wanted is a tremendous eye opener on how many opportunities are truly out there for our children that go untapped.  Obtaining a quality education through athletic scholarships is a way to relieve some of those stresses.

As a business owner one of the first things that I look for in a candidate for employment is their involvement in athletics.  Participating in athletic programs teaches children how to work as a team, how to overcome obstacles and most importantly it fosters ambition.  This book is a wonderful source of information for every student and parent out there looking for answers in how to obtain that so desired education.

Barbara Moran
Business Owner

The only thing that is true about all colleges is that nothing is true about all colleges. The reason Chris Krause has been so successful in matching student athletes with schools is because he believes all student-athletes can be successful when they find the right college that will foster intellectual growth, help them mature as people, and bring out the best athlete on the playing field.  Not all students are Division 1 athletes but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue on to the next level.  Athletes Wanted is a honest and eye-opening resource for parents and student-athletes navigating the college recruiting process.  Athletes Wanted is a must read for student-athletes, parents, coaches, and guidance counselors.

Mary O’Malley
Director of Admission
La Lumiere School

A professional and detailed insight into both the qualitative and quantitative benefits of high school and college athletics.

Bridget Venturi-Veenema, Athletic Director
Regina Dominica

As a current principal and former coach, I can not stress enough how important it is to prepare yourself as early as possible for your recruiting venture. It not only increases the probability of getting you to the right school, it also lets you see things as they truly are in the recruiting game.

Many would argue that sports do nothing but negate the educational environment but I would argue the exact opposite. Sports can promote academic excellence and challenge our children to do their very best on a daily basis. Chris can be a true testimony to that!

Michael Grenda, Principal
North Chicago Community School District #187

I read your book, Athletes Wanted – The Complete Game Plan for Maximizing Athletic Scholarships and Life Potential. It was the best I have ever read with regard to the recruiting process. The book was not only informative, but also very clearly written, making it extremely user-friendly to parents and other potential readers.Well done!

Bob Bozzuto
Athletic Director, North Allegheny High School

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