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A Lack of Exposure in the Recruiting Process

A majority of student athletes think that college coaches will just come to them. However most of the time that is not the case, unless an athlete is in the top 100 in the country, finding a college that is right for you will be up to you. A large problem is that student athletes do not realize that college coaches do not have the time or resources to find student athletes. It is the student athletes job to stay proactive,and reach out to coaches themselves. Start by emailing coaches, filling out questionnaires and calling. Depending on your age and NCAA rules coaches may  not be able to contact you back, but it is never too early for you to start reaching out to them.Make sure to get your information online both academic and athletic resumes should be posted with verified information, along with your professionally edited highlight tape!

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Myth vs. Reality: Where Do College Coaches Find Talent

Where do college coaches find talent?

The myth is this: College coaches discover talent their junior or
senior year by attending camps, combines, showcases,
tournaments, and high school games.

The reality is this: College coaches depend on verified information
from reliable sources, and they purchase lists of
prospects as young as seventh grade. Most coaches
attend tournaments, games, and camps with lists
of student-athletes they intend to evaluate, not
with hopes of discovering random prospects.