Chris Krause’s Story

Chris Krause is a former high school and college athlete. As a junior in high school, Chris received interest from more than 100 collegiate football programs, from Harvard and Notre Dame to Tennessee and Arizona. Chris thought he would be able to select a college. His football coaches and athletic director assured him that he did not need to worry about a thing, but they could not have been more wrong.

Chris’s problem was not that the college coaches did not know who he was. Chris was uninformed about how the recruiting process worked. After completing his senior football season, Chris discovered that some of his friends at rival high schools were setting up official visits and receiving offers from some of the same programs that had contacted him. It was at this time he decided to take matters into his own hands, before every college opportunity was gone.

Chris began to call the coaches who had previously sent him letters to see if they were still looking to fill their linebacker positions. Some said they wished he had called them earlier and that he was too late, but in his calls, he discovered that there were some schools that were still looking. They were impressed with his initiative and the fact that Chris, not his mom and/or dad, was calling, asking the questions and showing interest. When coaches requested video footage, he was quick to respond and follow up. After these coaches viewed his tape he received offers for official visits. He prepared himself for official visits and was determined to make a positive first impression.

Chris’s determination and hard work paid off: He received and accepted a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University and graduated in four years.

Building on his experience in being recruited to play in the SEC, Chris began assisting student athletes get recruited and play in colleges best for them. Chris founded NCSA in 2000 with a passion to help turn dreams into a reality. Since its inception, NCSA has become the leader in helping match college coaches with qualified high school students.

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