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Athletes Wanted

As founder and CEO of the National Collegiate Scouting Association, my passion has always been to provide recruiting education for anyone and everyone who seeks it.  The mission for the last 25 years has been simple; ensure that every student-athlete, regardless of age, ability, or finances has access to the knowledge that will help them maximize their athletic scholarship potential.  That mission led to the creation of NCSA and its various educational parts (including this newsletter).

Now, I am proud to announce that I have recently finished writing my first book, “Athletes Wanted” – The complete guidebook to maximizing your child’s athletic scholarship and life potential. Athletes Wanted was born out of the idea that athletes are indeed wanted in all areas of society.  Athletes are not only wanted on college campuses to fill rosters, but also sought after by employers due to the unique skill set they possess.

Athletes Wanted includes:

- The NCAA bylaws that allow students to begin the recruiting process earlier than their competitors, even as early as the seventh or eighth grade.

- The five critical things an athlete must do and the five critical things an athlete must know to begin the process

- The biggest myths of the recruiting process

- The most important questions a student-athlete should ask a college coach

- The process for negotiating the best scholarship package

More than anything, Athletes Wanted provides a step by step plan for recruiting success that can be used by anyone.  I encourage you to read the foreword which was written by recruiting guru, Tom Lemming and also a preview of the book by clicking here.

Proceeds from Athletes Wanted will go to NCSA’s Educational Fund which will assist underprivileged student-athletes in their pursuit of collegiate athletics by defraying the costs of NCSA’s services.  Essentially, when you purchase a copy of Athletes Wanted, you will be allowing NCSA to provide recruiting education (like this newsletter and our educational workshops) nationwide for future student-athletes and families.

Writing this book has been a labor of love and symbolizes a culmination of all that I have experienced going through the recruiting process for the last 25 years.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Athletes Wanted, simply click here.  Thanks for your support!